About Me

Hello world lets see I’m just an ordinary girl with a unique and weird likes and dislikes thats all thank you.


Name: Seven

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Likes: Sleeping/eating/watching anime/reading manga/reading fanfiction/If force by my best friend will read a book I promise/Dogs/Music/anything that will interest or lighten up my boring life that I will not freak out

is neutral with other thing   (–__–)

Dislikes: Fruits/and crowded areas/sasuke and orochimaru/

Motto in life “walng imposible sa taong desperado” if you can translate it in english I can appreciate it, sorry I’m not well verse in english hehehehe. You see I cannot explain the real context of that word in english.

Okay now I know the english version “There is nothing impossible for a person who is desperate” sorry for the crappyness of  my english and grammar error and spelling 😀