5 things to consider in choosing a web hosting plan

First of all is the Server – What platform of operating system does it runs is ti windows, unix or linux. For me basically linux is preferrable because it is free and is open source good for those programmers out there who want to revoulutionize

Second would be the Disk space – Disk space is important because it determines how many files, plugins, mambots etc. are you going to put to your site.

Third is bandwidth is thecapacity of your site to provide information to other browsers if I am not mistaken

E-mail accounts – they will provide you with how many e-mail accounts depending on the plan you choose, however if you have many e-mail accounts it will still habe to depend on the capacity of your disk space.

Prize yes boys and gals money, is it affordable or better yet is the price reasonable for that kind of specs. You don’t wanna spend a large amount of money.

Some other extras:

What type of Control Panel are they using and what other programs are available in their hosting plan.

What kind of database are they using

What programming languages are available in their web hosting service

Last nd very important of all is Support service they provide. They may provide you with cheapest service and high specs in disk space and bandwith but then the service are poor then that will lead you to a masive headache and a pain right so you better choose carefully

Hope I contributed and enlightened hehehehehe somehow suggestions, comments are open I won’t bite promise(only bites when hungry seriously)


tips on how to avoid cyber crime attacks

Today data and information can be stolen and used for other people;s benefit and data and information loss is rampant in the internet. Websites are being hacked, information are stolen and used to steal those kind of cyber crime.

Cyber crime according to Wikipedia is a criminal activity where a computer or network is the source, tool, target, or place of a crime. Crimes such as hacking, Phishing, Denial-of-service attack, Fraud or identity theft

And so people think if I am going to have a website how can I be sure that my important data is secured if it’s loss. There is no such thing as a perfect and secured security system. Because people are innovative beings they think and create a solution to crack that super strong password, firewall and can also create a super virus that can overpower anti-viruses. Almost hourly or every minute a new species of viruses are being made. Those people can use information they have from you to their advantages

You need to be aware and cautious to be able to protect your information you need to integrate a combination of the three which is hardware that compromises your computer, software which is the program that is protecting your computer from spam and viruses and last and very important is the peopleware. Peopleware is very important because yes you got a very high-tech gadget and computer hardware and the best software but you are not that aware and capable of protecting your data and information and you are carelessly clicking the net then th two defense will be a waste.

That is also applicable for web hosting services yes they can back up your files and stop attacks but it is also up to the user to also be sensitive and aware of the threat for example protection of their personal password and spam mails. They can only ofer back up assistance and provide a good service to their customers by ensuring that servers are up and running, maintainance of servers and sites, 24/7 technical support, protection from attacks, back up of data and information from your site and provice the best web hosting services that they can provide

affodable domain

logo-toh2Many business organization and people are often asking when it comes to web hosting services and domain name registration what company can provide top web hosting services and yet is cheaper then other web hosting company. Well for me I recommend web.com.ph for those who want a web hosting services that is not only cheap but is the top in the block.

Then web.com.ph is a dedicated web hosting company that is in the web hosting business since 1999 and is still offering web hosting services as of today. They also provide Domain name registration, domain names such as .com, net, biz, org, us, name, ph.  Even though their web hosting plans prices are cheaper that does not affect their services that are necessary such as server maintenance and technical support. Their services are affordable and since Christmas is coming they upgraded their plans so come and visit their site.

web hosting



Web hosting is a type of service that provide customer space in the internet and space for their file and also bandwidth or transfer of data in a connection.

In order for your business to live and progress they need to stand out from the rest of it’s competitors. And to have the edge from other companies they tend to make an e-commerce there alternative ways. Ways such creating an online web site of there own. And in order for that edge not to be the bleeding edge that leads companies to their demise, they need to learn how to manipulate that leading edge to their advantage.

First and foremost they need a Domain name which is a unique name turn into IP for search engines to look up, and a company that provides a web hosting services that gives space for that Domain name in the Internet.

They need to find a suitable company that provides those two services with a reasonable price. And Web.com.ph is the company that provides Domain registration and Web hosting services world wide that gives reasonable prices and good services,

Accessible Tech Support Services

Now partnership with PLDT data transfer is made easy and fast for websites in the Philippines. And also nationwide their tech support is easily accessible through phone during office hours and mobile phone after office hours. And speak in both Tagalog and English

They are comprised of Red Hat Certified Technicians (RHCT) and Novell Certified Linux Professionals (NCLP). That can help and guide you if ever you encountered problems.

Visit them at http://web.com.ph

Web hosting company in the Phil.

Web.com.ph is a web hosting company in the Philippines that gives low prices on domain registry and web hosting services. You anget a domain for as low as 500 pesos with the .com and .net, .biz, .org,.name, .us

1800 for .ph extension because it is for companies and/organization located on the Philippines that will show that you really reside in the Philippines.

Servers are upgraded so that they can serve you much better with the upgraded memory and disk space. Now that servers are bought and some are located in the Philippines with partnership with Pldt

They have a friendy and 24/7 customer service that you can talk via chat, phone and even through your mobile phones. You can speak english or tagalog.

Web Hosting and Domain name registration

Every business must have the edge or upper hand to other competitors, one of those edge is too have a web site that represents and advertise their company because now is the era of technologies every now and then many hi-tech gadgets and software are being made to aid in business and one of the most popular is  having a web site of your own.

Having a web site is like having an advertisement and service to the world, no need for snail mail or long distance calls and other costly advertisement. All you need is one desktop or laptop a website and a company that will provide web hosting services for your website.

And that is where  Web.com.ph comes in to action it is a company that provides web hosting and domain registration to it’s customer with an affordable prices then any other providers out there and rest assured that  prices do not affect the company’s service.

The company offers a 24/7 support that helps you maintain and troubleshoot problems and bugs in your website, you can either chat with then online or call them. And since their servers is now in the Philippines transfer of data is made even faster. They even accept php money.

If you wanna know about further details about the web.com.ph then visit their site