tips on how to avoid cyber crime attacks

Today data and information can be stolen and used for other people;s benefit and data and information loss is rampant in the internet. Websites are being hacked, information are stolen and used to steal those kind of cyber crime.

Cyber crime according to Wikipedia is a criminal activity where a computer or network is the source, tool, target, or place of a crime. Crimes such as hacking, Phishing, Denial-of-service attack, Fraud or identity theft

And so people think if I am going to have a website how can I be sure that my important data is secured if it’s loss. There is no such thing as a perfect and secured security system. Because people are innovative beings they think and create a solution to crack that super strong password, firewall and can also create a super virus that can overpower anti-viruses. Almost hourly or every minute a new species of viruses are being made. Those people can use information they have from you to their advantages

You need to be aware and cautious to be able to protect your information you need to integrate a combination of the three which is hardware that compromises your computer, software which is the program that is protecting your computer from spam and viruses and last and very important is the peopleware. Peopleware is very important because yes you got a very high-tech gadget and computer hardware and the best software but you are not that aware and capable of protecting your data and information and you are carelessly clicking the net then th two defense will be a waste.

That is also applicable for web hosting services yes they can back up your files and stop attacks but it is also up to the user to also be sensitive and aware of the threat for example protection of their personal password and spam mails. They can only ofer back up assistance and provide a good service to their customers by ensuring that servers are up and running, maintainance of servers and sites, 24/7 technical support, protection from attacks, back up of data and information from your site and provice the best web hosting services that they can provide


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