5 things to consider in choosing a web hosting plan

First of all is the Server – What platform of operating system does it runs is ti windows, unix or linux. For me basically linux is preferrable because it is free and is open source good for those programmers out there who want to revoulutionize

Second would be the Disk space – Disk space is important because it determines how many files, plugins, mambots etc. are you going to put to your site.

Third is bandwidth is thecapacity of your site to provide information to other browsers if I am not mistaken

E-mail accounts – they will provide you with how many e-mail accounts depending on the plan you choose, however if you have many e-mail accounts it will still habe to depend on the capacity of your disk space.

Prize yes boys and gals money, is it affordable or better yet is the price reasonable for that kind of specs. You don’t wanna spend a large amount of money.

Some other extras:

What type of Control Panel are they using and what other programs are available in their hosting plan.

What kind of database are they using

What programming languages are available in their web hosting service

Last nd very important of all is Support service they provide. They may provide you with cheapest service and high specs in disk space and bandwith but then the service are poor then that will lead you to a masive headache and a pain right so you better choose carefully

Hope I contributed and enlightened hehehehehe somehow suggestions, comments are open I won’t bite promise(only bites when hungry seriously)


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