Manga sites to read and enjoy manga online

Well the title says it all. A listed up websites that lets you read your favorite manga online. Those stes are my favorite sites usually in those sites I lurked like a shadow and read manga hehe. Cause when anime releases are getting slower or to the point of even stoping you know what I mean right. And you are really really enthusiast of what will happen well go to the source the manga hehehe. If the manga stoops so is the anime cause what will they animate right Fillers ahhh yes your friendly neighoring fillers in truth I hate fillers heheh it is when the animators are lacking manga chapter to animate so as to feed the hunger of us anime lovers is when the fillers are born.

To cut the story short. When there is nothing to animate and fans go crazy because they are excited of the next release. heheh

My manga list

Referred to me by my bestfriend heheheh – 

1. Onemanga – my fav hehe literally when I type on the keyboard this site is automatically typed by my fingers the first is always fanfiction hehe cause I read a lot  “curse my fingers they have a brain of their own”


2. Mangafox – Much better then the first and is really updated heheh























Same drill as always those list does not belong to me I own nothing and if you cannot find the manga that you are looking for becuse it is not yet scantelated sorry for the grammar error


then find your manga in google and in veoh happy reading


have lots of break time then enjoy reading manga or watch your favorite anime hope this list helps and if you want to add your site then just e-mail me I’m open for suggestions :p


Owww and OMG I just read one piece chapter 526 I know I spoiled myself for reading it in forums and such but to actually read and see hancock in action faints(author is really a sucker for lastest chapters especially those that the author likes and is craving to read :p. Forgot to mention em also reading skip beat woooooot)

Owww and almost forgot for yaoi fans out there try and for yuri fans or net just googlelililicious and it will show