Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally

OMG!!! Just saw this in mangafox and I thought the previous code Geas rocks well this one rocks too. The story is twisted were nanally is the center of the story as far as I read. She had a deal with CC’s doll and her Geass is the ability “to read the lines of the future” Holy shit amazing and also her knightmare heheheh. her nanally is the “White witch” and his brother “The black King” rock on I am so gonna read this and hope that it will be animated. As far as I can say if people are given power and abilities that exceeds other, they go insane and all for example lelouch and now nanally but I like insane people so banzai for them hehehe. And here is the sample.


Well what did I Discover from this manga Geass + nanally + an awesome knightare – brother = Insanity mwahahahahaha

Banzai gogogogogo berserker girl pawn them all 


Nipponsei Naruto all stars

My friend told me that there is a version of naruto opening and ending theme that is sang by our favorite naruto characters. Naruto all stars where naruto, sasuke, sakura, kakashi and shikamaru sang a song. And so I listened and was addicted to Distance sang by naruto woooot amazing though I don’tlike those that sasuke sang, sorry fo me being biass hehehe, shikamaru and kakashi’s voice is okay but the song doen’t fit them. Here is the tracklist


1. Distance (Naruto All Stars Version)
2. R★o★c★k★s (Naruto All Stars Version)
3. Scenario (Naruto All Stars Version)
4. Nagareboshi~shooting Star~ (Naruto All Stars Version)
5. Yura-Yura (Naruto All Stars Version)
6. Tsubomi (Naruto All Stars Version)
7. Mazamero! (Naruto All Stars Version)
8. Kimimonogatari (Naruto All Stars Version)
9. Re_Member (Naruto All Stars Version)
10. Pinocchio (Naruto All Stars Version

My favorite Distance of course because naruto sang it hehehe, second is yura yura because the the way sakura sang was good hehehe. Rocks is sang by kakashi. Now the place where to download the songs

If you want to download it per track(one by one) visit this site

If you want the whole album then this link is where to download

in this site you must choose what ftp provider you want

Hope you enjoy the tarcks me signing out. Can you believe it I was late to find this awesopme album hahahah I give all the thanks to my friend and those sites for providing the songs. I still remember when I was one of those hot blooded naruto fans back when I was in highschool where I download literally all the naruto songs even those background songs. And waits for the sub version in dattebayo fansubs hehe