Hajime no Ippo New Challenger

Its been a while hehe. My hybernation process is done and so now here I am again. Now that the new hajime no ippo show is airing I’ve come to the decision of reading the manga. Because firts I watch the anime then read the manga just like what I did with one piece. And am writing this now because I finish reading the hajime no ippo manga up until the latest update. And so I began to watch the anime which is hajime no ippo new challenger. And so I was like Ooook what the hell. Why because the anime is the shortened version of the manga series arggg and I would like to see the part where sanada and ippo fought and the story of sanada. If you don’t know he is good in medicine and knows a lot how to throw a punch that will destroy the body (sigh). And as of now I’m buffing the second, third and fourth episode. I hope that the anime will not divert away from the manga plot