Hajime no Ippo New Challenger

Its been a while hehe. My hybernation process is done and so now here I am again. Now that the new hajime no ippo show is airing I’ve come to the decision of reading the manga. Because firts I watch the anime then read the manga just like what I did with one piece. And am writing this now because I finish reading the hajime no ippo manga up until the latest update. And so I began to watch the anime which is hajime no ippo new challenger. And so I was like Ooook what the hell. Why because the anime is the shortened version of the manga series arggg and I would like to see the part where sanada and ippo fought and the story of sanada. If you don’t know he is good in medicine and knows a lot how to throw a punch that will destroy the body (sigh). And as of now I’m buffing the second, third and fourth episode. I hope that the anime will not divert away from the manga plot


Windows 7



Yes people windows released a beta version of windows 7. They boast about their booting speed. I think when I have time I’ll definately download it and install it to my crappy PC. Its desktop is great for those people who are fond with taskbar. 

There are two types the 32-bit and the 64-bit. If you’re computer is a monster meaning having those hi-tech processors and 4gb ram then 64 bit is the one for you. Guess I’ll stick to 32-bit then, because of my low specs heheheh. 

Windows 7 is great for those people who doesn’t like to wait meaning when opening the computer boom your good to go, ne just joking I guess it takes at least 15 seconds thats what i read. Personally for me windows xp satisfies my needs as a user, and I will not switch to vista for reasons like bulk and so high specs(takes a  lot of memory).

But seeing Windows 7 and its features persuades me to try it out. imagine vista’s feauture plus more. And we can actually run i with a 1GB ram and lets not forget the user interface and error management. Then there a really cool feature of Windows 7 called ‘Aero Shake’ gives you the ability to minimize all background windows with a simple shake of the mouse now thats what I call instant lazyness heheheeh but you see I am one of those lazy people so the less movement the better yup yup definatly will try this.

However you need to undergo steps to attain and use this beta. one is to download the software the next is to azquire a key. Regards to those who will use and are using 

Here is their how to install grab windows 7 http://i.gizmodo.com/5129679/how-to-get-install-and-play-with-windows-7-pain-free

check this site for more http://i.gizmodo.com/5069661/windows-7-walkthrough-boot-video-and-impressions

But be warned every good things have its downside neh so don’t expect it to be perfeact.


Thanks Gizmodo 

The Best of the Best

Since I’m curious as to how many fans and loyal fans out there.

Who is the best

Ninja’s with there jutsus and monster sealed inside them

Soul Reapers with bankai swords

Or Pirates with amazing abilities and characteristics vote now hehehe


Because for me naruto is the best even though I like bleach and one piece naruto is the firts one introduce to me in my high school days.

Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally

OMG!!! Just saw this in mangafox and I thought the previous code Geas rocks well this one rocks too. The story is twisted were nanally is the center of the story as far as I read. She had a deal with CC’s doll and her Geass is the ability “to read the lines of the future” Holy shit amazing and also her knightmare heheheh. her nanally is the “White witch” and his brother “The black King” rock on I am so gonna read this and hope that it will be animated. As far as I can say if people are given power and abilities that exceeds other, they go insane and all for example lelouch and now nanally but I like insane people so banzai for them hehehe. And here is the sample.


Well what did I Discover from this manga Geass + nanally + an awesome knightare – brother = Insanity mwahahahahaha

Banzai gogogogogo berserker girl pawn them all 

MTV Summit 2008





Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Time: Gates open at 3 pm; Pre-show begins at 4 pm; Main show begins at 6 pm.
Venue: SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds

It was a very fun and exciting moment for me and sherp to participate in this event. Its very mind blowing and exhiilareting for us and considering this event was our firt time to join a music concert. Sherp and me along with my brother and cousin went to the mall of Asia and wow did we have a lot of fun.

We saw many bands that we really like and idolized. For example Paramita, Up Dharma Down, Wolfgang, Rico Blanko, Urbandub and many more. Not to menton the rumble and “Slamman” even though we did not participate on the slamman because were in the VIP section ooott!!!. 

We took pictures of our favorite artist and saw them perform in the flesh. Also the Staying Alive Campiagn for the HIV awareness and stuf we did not just have fun but we have been educated and are aware now :p

We even got a chance to see the revival of past bands like greyhounds, wolfgang and slapshock, and see them perfom their new and old songs.I personally like Rico blanco and his new song entitled Yugto which I think is very related to the Philippines government with all the corruption stuff thats happening.


Thats us rock on dudes


Pogo Web Browser

I was amazed when I saw the preview clip that crunchgear shows the pogo web browser and its preview. As a web browser enthusiast for me firefox is the best but I might try and take this browser for a test because of it’s D feautures and other functionality



In the battle of the web browser will pogo browser outwit firefox Chrome and other browser They’ve added graphics extensions to make viewing your history and bookmarks as easy as scrolling through a bunch of tiny windows in 3D space. The engine allows for different methods for viewing data, including a globe and a swirly snake-like thing that you move forward and backwards through. Is it groundbreaking? Hows that for a features I totally wanna see this baby work on my PC the only problem is when will it be released and where can I download it :p

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