Hajime no Ippo New Challenger

Its been a while hehe. My hybernation process is done and so now here I am again. Now that the new hajime no ippo show is airing I’ve come to the decision of reading the manga. Because firts I watch the anime then read the manga just like what I did with one piece. And am writing this now because I finish reading the hajime no ippo manga up until the latest update. And so I began to watch the anime which is hajime no ippo new challenger. And so I was like Ooook what the hell. Why because the anime is the shortened version of the manga series arggg and I would like to see the part where sanada and ippo fought and the story of sanada. If you don’t know he is good in medicine and knows a lot how to throw a punch that will destroy the body (sigh). And as of now I’m buffing the second, third and fourth episode. I hope that the anime will not divert away from the manga plot


My top ten anime and manga list

Well I give it a thought and here it is my top ten

Anime List

1 Junjo romantica

2 naruto

3 code geas and code geass r2

4 shugo chara

5 bleach

6 one piece

7 nodame

8 eyeshiel21

9 skip beat

10 Gakuen Alice


Manga List

1 Soul Eater

2 Naruto – I prefer reading the manga and spoiling myself rather then rot while waiting for the next epsiode or filler episode

3 Bleach – same thing with naruto manga I really prefer manga hehehe

4 Nodame

5 Skip Beat

6 Liear Game – I hope this manga is animated I wanna see the animated version of nao and Mr. Akiyama

7 Vampire Knight Hunter – I really prefer the manga then anime version of this anime because the drawing and the brush strokes are amazing

8. Gakuen Alice – Because the anime stop after the festival I read the manga and hope for Gakuen Alice Season Two

9. one piece – very long manga but I manage to read it up to the latest because its not a boring manga to read and its anime is fun to watch hehe

10 And my newest Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnallz – I found this manga while looking for new code geass and read it hahahaha.

and reading many more but that list is my must awaited for updates

Anime I’m Planning to watch and Manga I’m planning to read

Is watching and waiting:

Shugo Chara- I know that this is out of my preference but this anime is cute, what can I say and it get me hooked heheh.

Junjō Romantica 2 –  I have watched season one and boy it is really worth getting hooked for, and if season one is good wait til you see season two, I’m watchng it and boy its great yipppeee. I prefer this anime better then Gakuen heaven and papa to kiss in the dark :p

Loveless(manga) – Finished watching anime and now I must read the manga because my bestfriend told me to.. But you see because I am lazy I’m sill in chapter 1 hahahaha

Nodame Cantabile: Paris – is hilarious hehehe and still waiting for the latest episode. I can’t wait for the manga part to be animated, the part where the old geezer ask noda to join him in his concerto with a magic cirlcle thingy.

One piece – because of my curiosity and impatience. I read the manga and spoiled myself, so now I am waiting for the part where Luffy meets hancock.

Planning to watch

My number one and I must really watch is Knock out yey can’t wait 

Next is I must firts finish watching major 4th season before I watch Major 5th season

Kurokami because it is interesting heheheheI am having quite a hard time looking for a very exciting and action pack anime that has blood spilling everywhere and such. That will keep me entertain and at the same time keep me enjoyed.

Is planning to watch bleach the movie where rukia is kickass sorry I do not know the title.

In manga

Naruto – Just finish reading it last saturday and boy em I excited to read the next one. I hope naruto can unleash his rasen shuriken if I’m not mistaken heheheh. Because when he uses it it damage his hand greatly right but now that he mastered the sage technique that I hope will enable him to heal faster and summon natures resources adding kyuubi sama’s healing power = unlimited rasen shuriken hehehehe.

shin daa daa daa – the sequel to the manga daa daa daa can’t wait to read it grrr.

Bleach – is waiting for the next sub release of the manga

Skip beat – getting better and better in the manga mostly the part where she develope her second natsu I think who is cool.

Liar Game – Its a good manga that is about Nao the protagonist that is so honest and now playing the liar game where each is given a large amount of money and they each have to get the oponents money. If you like mind games and strategy then this is good.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – If you like an action and comedy anime then this is a good one, is really hilarious specially when the protagonist is shot and then reborn with the dying will flame hehehe.

Nadeshiko Shichi Henge – Hilarious and I really really like this manga and is waiting for the next chapter heheeh. About a grl who is rejected by a boy and then turned into a gloomy and dark girl who loves creepy and scary things and places and hates bright people.

Baki son of Ogre – well I like seeing action and stuff and breaking bones and flesh so yes I’m reading the manga because they stopped the anime huhu.

Gokusen – because the anime and drama series are not enough and I want to stick to the original which is the manga version because its the best mwaahahahha.

Gakuen Alice – Yes I like this anime because its funny I hope that alice academy season 2 in anime will come true.

Mahou sensei negima – I must finish this manga no matter what. Because I don’t like not finishing what I started reading or watching, I can’t stop thinking what will happen and so on.

And many more 😀


Please suggest any anime series that is good I’m open for suggestions any anime or manga series that I can watch and read :p thanks

New anime series to watch this 2009

Upcoming Anime this 2009

Shikabane Hime: Kuro

Nothing much to say but its Sequel of “Shikabane Hime: Aka”. I have not yet watched this anime so maybe during my break I have a look and gve reviews of this anime.

Major 5th Season

The much awaited sequel to the anime major is coming and boy I can’t wait, eventhough I only watch half of season 4 teehee. So i must watch it during break seasons.

Hajime no Ippo- New Challenger

Firts of all wow I cannot believe that they will continu this manga animation. When I read the manga and watched the anime and I for once am excited woooot new chalengers and hilarious stunts

Maria sama ga Miteru 4th Season

The 4th installation of the anime Maria sama ga Miteru. Will be airing on january 3, 2009 if I’m not mistaken so fans out there be on the look out 😀

Maria Holic

The story centers on a sophomore named Kanako who enrolls in all-girls school because she has a phobia of men and wants to find her destined yuri partner. She meets a captivating freshman named Mariya who fits her criteria — except her seemingly ideal mate happens to be a cross-dressing sadistic boy. Uhhhm well the summary looks interestiong to me. Plus point on sadist boy, crossdressing ohh and the phobia hehehe


Zoku Natsume Yūjin-Chō

Have no idea about this tv series thought my research told me that it has something to do with a boy who can see spirits and helps them on their problem like for example freeing them. But some spirits have grudges on him and will stop at nothing to have their revnge on him.

Asu no Yoichi!

Well according to wiki thats the summay of the manga.

A boy swordsman, Yoichi and his father lives in a mountain, training. His father states that there is nothing more for him to learn here and tells him to go stay at a dojo that their relative owns. This is his first descent from the mountain and has absolutely no experience in living in an urban area. It is a running gag in the manga that Yoichi is misunderstood as a pervert when he accidentally gropes someone (which is a common occurrence). It is also implied that all of the Ikaruga sisters have feelings for Yoichi.


According again to wiki Akikan (”Empty Can”) is the unlikely story of high school boy Kakeru Daichi, whose can of melon juice soda magically transforms into a human girl. Naturally, more “akikan” girls begin appearing, each of them needing to be infused with carbon dioxide from kissing to survive.

The novel will be animated this january 2009. Well expect harem O_o, I have not yet read the manga so i really don’t have any clue heheh.

Sora Kake Girl

Nothing much all I know is sunrise is behind this anime and lots of good mecha artist are there. Oh and it’s airing on January 05 2009

s set in the year 311 of the Orbital Calendar, when humanity has migrated to countless colony clusters in space. A space colony girl named Akiha Shishidō encounters a malevolent artificial intelligence named Leopard that has been installed on a colony. Akiha is joined by an Inter-Colony Police officer named Itsuki Kannagi, a taciturn young girl named Honoka Kawai, and a robot named Imoko “Imo-chan” Shishidō.



The story revolves around an ordinary high school boy (game programmer in the manga) named Keita who gets caught in a battle being fought by Kuro. Kuro is a Tera Guardian — a Mototsumitama or a guardian who maintains the Coexistence Equilibrium. Kuro saves Keita’s life and regenerates a part of his body that Keita loses.

Anime That I am watching


Junjō Romantica 2

Guys its showing come and wacth it is really good I personally recommend this, and I promiss “super uber ganda at cuteness at fluffyness hahahahaha” recent anime this 2008

Okay calm down myself take a deep breath and wooooooth like this is my favorite yaoi anime ever the first season was just so hilarious, romantik and it has anything a fan girl should ask for a shounen-ai anime like wooooott I am currently watching second season now grrrr can’t wait until they sub it. My fav in this anime is the first pairing talk about total cuteness and stuff :p.


Nodame Cantabile: Paris

This anime is really great it even inspired me to listen to classical musics and instumentals wow imagine that. This anime is referred to me by my friend when she was still here in the Philippines. I’ve watched the first season and read the latest release of the manga and must I say after reading I wish that those chapters that I am reading will be aniimated and now it become really wooot and now Iam watching it GYABOOOOOO!!!.

Skip Beat

Is a wonderful manga that I’ve read and now there airing the anime woooot. HHmnn nothing much to say but it’s a story of a young girl who for love followed kyo an aspiring singer but then got rejected so for her revenge she go to lime production and tries to become and artist that soon will overpower sho in the showbize. In lime she met ren who is kyo’s rival. And thats the start of her journey on to the showbiz.

It’s a very funny and interesting show heheh and the manga is totally hilarious with all the mini kyoko devils and stuff.

Shugo Chara

This anime is about eggs literallly hehehe just joking. Its an anime adapted from the manga shugo chara which is a really good manga talks about every kid has an egg in their heart there would be self. That can transform them or “chara change” A young girl by the name of Hinamori Amu is a student from an academy (sorry forgot what school) there she become the joker and obtain humpty locked and meet ikuto, Oh Amu’s job is to capture and restore x-eggs to their orginal form. She does this with the help of her three Shugo Chara

Straw Hat

One Piece

If your in it for action and adventure with a mix of humor then this is the anime for you. Since I ran out of exciting anime to watch after waitiing for naruto and bleach to update in the anime I got tired and soiled myself over the manga :p which leads me to loose interest in the anime and wait for the manga so I watched one piece to try it out and boy did I get hooked I’m currently watching episode 312 and manga the latest can’t wait the manga to be animated where SPOILERS ALERT meet empress Boa Hurray… Oh and the picture is not mine I’m sorry I forgot the owner but nice pic and thank you :p

Currently watching too many anime that the writer feels very dizzy on second thought the writer is just to lazy weeeee. But author promisses next edition to be good

Having been given the opportunity to study at Paris, Noda accompanies Chiaki to Europe as he strives to become the accomplished conductor he always dreamt to be.

Aniime List that I’m not sure when or is it true

The number one and I hope it is tru is

Gakuen Academy Season Two

Mazinger Z – brings back childhood memory:D

And thats the wrap

Special thanks to Anime News Network, Google and Wikipedea you guys rule for enlightening me and giving us many choices wheee.

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