Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally

OMG!!! Just saw this in mangafox and I thought the previous code Geas rocks well this one rocks too. The story is twisted were nanally is the center of the story as far as I read. She had a deal with CC’s doll and her Geass is the ability “to read the lines of the future” Holy shit amazing and also her knightmare heheheh. her nanally is the “White witch” and his brother “The black King” rock on I am so gonna read this and hope that it will be animated. As far as I can say if people are given power and abilities that exceeds other, they go insane and all for example lelouch and now nanally but I like insane people so banzai for them hehehe. And here is the sample.


Well what did I Discover from this manga Geass + nanally + an awesome knightare – brother = Insanity mwahahahahaha

Banzai gogogogogo berserker girl pawn them allĀ