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Yes people windows released a beta version of windows 7. They boast about their booting speed. I think when I have time I’ll definately download it and install it to my crappy PC. Its desktop is great for those people who are fond with taskbar. 

There are two types the 32-bit and the 64-bit. If you’re computer is a monster meaning having those hi-tech processors and 4gb ram then 64 bit is the one for you. Guess I’ll stick to 32-bit then, because of my low specs heheheh. 

Windows 7 is great for those people who doesn’t like to wait meaning when opening the computer boom your good to go, ne just joking I guess it takes at least 15 seconds thats what i read. Personally for me windows xp satisfies my needs as a user, and I will not switch to vista for reasons like bulk and so high specs(takes a  lot of memory).

But seeing Windows 7 and its features persuades me to try it out. imagine vista’s feauture plus more. And we can actually run i with a 1GB ram and lets not forget the user interface and error management. Then there a really cool feature of Windows 7 called ‘Aero Shake’ gives you the ability to minimize all background windows with a simple shake of the mouse now thats what I call instant lazyness heheheeh but you see I am one of those lazy people so the less movement the better yup yup definatly will try this.

However you need to undergo steps to attain and use this beta. one is to download the software the next is to azquire a key. Regards to those who will use and are using 

Here is their how to install grab windows 7

check this site for more

But be warned every good things have its downside neh so don’t expect it to be perfeact.


Thanks Gizmodo 

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